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Project Silver Lining is an innovative multi-disciplinary program combining mindfulness/yoga, film analysis, and the visual arts. The goals of the program are to enable students to access their own voices, broaden their perspectives, and inspire them to envision their future through self-reflection. Concepts of trust and respect, personal development and social justice are at the core of this school-based program. Completed successful residency at Highland Park Continuation High School for all of the students, teachers and Principal during the opening weeks of the Fall 2017 semester

"In the past year and a half working with this organization they have shown exemplary curricular programs that have demonstrated effective practices in the areas of art, mural -making, and mindfulness. This year my school launched Project Silver lining with much success. Highland Park students were highly engaged in Project Silver Lining where they learned how to create their own films. design their own art piece and practiced mindfulness techniques. All of these skills the students are presently using across our curriculum."
Irene Narvaez, Principal October 2017